parrot kolam 2015

Vanna kolam competition 2015

Competition kolam 2015
I want to popularise our indian traditional art rangoli and kolams. I know to draw different kolams and rangoli designs ….This was done by me in a rangoli competition which won the title of the kolam competition firstplace..and awarded vanna Kalaiarasi 2015 My favorite kolam i love it. ….again one of my own creations..waiting for ur ¬†comments….

 picture 1
This kolam shows you…Two pair of parrots with love symbolsparrot kolam 2015
picture 2
This picture shows you… Two pair of peacock with lotus

one kolam shows you different images like 3d effects,& decorated with orginal leaves with pink flowers and guess the third image what u can see in this kolam and command me friends….




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